We need Your help
Feeling that people need you - isn't it a happiness of artist and human? (L. Utesov)

We need Your help.

Record is more than an artefact of anlogue sound recording century so as music is more that just another dimention of art. It is huge and rich occupation layer. It's part of our life.

Are you musician, performer, composer? Were you Melodiya employee, have you been related to records manufacturing or music business? Have you seen or heard something that belongs to History now? Tell us about you, about people, about time, about events - nobody knows it better than you. Do you own rare photographs or documents? Send us a copy. Any details matter and have their place in Eternity. It's time to recall.

It's easy to say that "big things are better seen from a distance", it's not so easy to preserve evidences to leave for forthcoming generations something to look at "when the dust settles".

This website is one person free time project from records search to programming while volume of job to do is really titanic. Linking to this site, sharing information about us, any donation is appreciated very much.

Do you represent a successful buisness? Why doesn't your company became our sponsor? This site will be developed faster and your company will be gratefully advertised at each of the thousands of our pages.

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