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L. Kogan — "Leonid Kogan Complete collection vol. 8"

LP 1990    (Set of 2 records)

01. Concerto No. 1 for violin and orchestra In D major ( N. Paganini  ) — Symphonic orchestra of State Radio, conductor V. Nebolsin [Recorded in 1950]
02. Cantabile and Waltz. ( N. Paganini  ) — Leonid Kogan and Vladimir Yampolsky [Recorded in 1947]
03. Variations on 'I Palpiti', Op.13 ( N. Paganini  ) — Leonid Kogan and Andrei Mytnik [Recorded in 1950s]
04. Cantabile in D major. ( N. Paganini  ) — Leonid Kogan and Andrei Mytnik
05. Introduction and Variations for Violin solo on "Nel cor piu non mi sento" from Paisiello's "La Molinara", Op. 38 ( N. Paganini  )

Soviet Union (USSR)
LP, Stereo
Sides numbers: 49465
First published in 1990 году
This pressing is published in 1991
Апрелевский завод
GOST 5289-88
Order 665
Approved on 5700

Record Leonid Kogan Complete collection vol. 8
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