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D. Oistrakh — "Levitin, Rakov, Weinberg"

LP 1959

01. Sonata for violin and piano in C minor, Op. 43 ( Y. Levitin  ) — David Oistrakh and Yuri Levitin
02. Poem in E minor ( N. Rakov   ) — David Oistrakh and Nikolai Rakov
03. Moldavian Rhapsody in G minor, Op. 47 ( M. Weinberg  ) — David Oistrakh and Mojsze Weinberg

Soviet Union (USSR)
LP, Mono
Sides numbers: 05622 05623
First published in 1959 году
This pressing is published in 1959
GOST 5289-56

Record Levitin, Rakov, Weinberg
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