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Feeling that people need you - isn't it a happiness of artist and human? (L. Utesov)

Marquet René on various artists records:

Around the World (Vol.10) (1960)

01. Unknown trackR. Marquet [As "Love" by R. Vincy]
02. Unknown track [Song "Lima" of some peruvian performer]
03. If I Could Be with YouD. Day
04. El frutero ( E. Lecuona  ) — Lecuona Cuban Boys
05. Já jsem zamilovaná ( J. Vomáčka  ) — Y. Simonová
06. Unknown trackR. Colignon [As "Fantasy"]
07. Sempre Amore ( B. Greco  ) — V. Torriani
08. Unknown track [As "When I see you" by M. Huge]
09. Unknown trackHelga Brauer [As "My dear", by Mierke]
10. Pleasant walk ( A. Varlamov  ) — Unknown band
9363 Melodia (Soviet Union (USSR))
Tashkent factory, Soviet Union (USSR)
Record release year: 1964
Gost 5289-61