Нам нужна ваша помощь
Чувствовать, что ты нужен людям, - разве не в этом счастье артиста и человека? (Л. Утесов)

Последний вальс

Музыка — Л. Рид
Текст песни — Б. Мэйсон

I wonder should I go or should stay
The band had only one more song to play
And then I saw you out the corner of my eye
A little girl alone, and shy

I had the Last Waltz with you
Two lonely people together
I fell in love with you
The Last Waltz should last forever

French title:
La Dernière Valse

Thought the love we had was going strong
Through the good and bad we get along
And then the flame of love died in your eyes
My heart was broken in two, you said goodbye

Its all over now, nothing left to say
Just my tears and the orchestra play

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