Нам нужна ваша помощь
Чувствовать, что ты нужен людям, - разве не в этом счастье артиста и человека? (Л. Утесов)

Кизи Джонс

Музыка — Д. Хилл
Текст песни — Д. Хилл

The workers on the S.P. line to strike, sent out a call
But Casey Jones, the engineer, he wouldn't strike at all
His boiler it was leaking, and his driver's on the bum
And his engine and its bearings, they were all out of plumb

Casey Jones - kept his junk pile running
Casey Jones - was working double-time
Casey Jones - got a wooden medal
For being good and faithful on the S.P. line.

The workers said to Casey, 'Won't you help us win this strike?'
But Casey said, 'Let me alone, you'd better take a hike!'
Then someone threw a bunch of railroad ties across the track
And Casey hit the river with and awful smack

Casey Jones - hit the river bottom
Casey Jones - broke his bloomin' spine
Casey Jones - became an Angeleno
He took a trip to heaven on the S.P. line

When Casey Jones got up to Heaven, to the pearly gate
He said, 'I'm Casey Jones, the guy who pulled the S.P. freight.'
'You're just the man,' said Peter, 'our musicians are on strike,
You can get a job in heaven anytime you like.'

Casey Jones - got a job in heaven
Casey Jones - was doin' mighty fine
Casey Jones - went scabbin' on the angels
Just like he did to workers on the S.P. line

Well the angels got together and they said it wasn't fair
For Casey Jones to go around a-scabbin' everywhere
The Angel Union No. 23, the sure were there
And they promptly fired Casey down the golden stair

Casey Jones - went to hell a-flyin'
Casey Jones - the Devil said, 'Oh fine,
Casey Jones, get busy shovelin' sulphur
That's what you get for scabbing on the S.P. line!'

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