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Poyuschie Serdtsa

Victor Vekshtein founded his ensemble in 1971. Its first name was "Sovremennik" (Contemporary), soon changed to "Poyuschie kontinenty" (Singing continents), then changed again to "Poyuschie sedtsa" (Singing Hearts). Vekshtein gathered best musicians he could reach, many of them had experience of work in leading USSR orchestras. He used to allow to some of musicians from other cities to live in his own home at the beginning, since it was a real problem to move people to Moscow to work in Moscow concert union - "Mosconcert".

Serious success followed soon: 2nd prize of 1973 All-Russian variety contest and Grand Prix on 1974 All-USSR contest. 1975 was a highlight of "Poyuschie sedtsa" career: Melodiya label released their first (and only of it's kind) album. That LP bright funk-rock with strong brass section was very popular among listeners, the record has been repressed several times during 1970s, the band successfully toured many cities of Soviet Union and other countries with the program.

In 1976 band sound has changed after engaging of vocalist Antonina Zhmakova. In the beginning of 1980s Victor Vekshtein in search of new sounding changed entire line-up of the band. Nikolay Noskov, former member of "Moskva" band sung in early 1980s "Poyuschie sedtsa". Then in 1985 Valery Kipelov of "Leisya pesnya" ensemble replaced him. The same year final change of band's style toward hardrock & heavymetal has been milestoned with out of date name rejection. The band's received new name "Aria", it was finally confirmed by Ministry of Culture in September, 1986. "Poyuschie sedtsa" veterans founded band "Ermitazh" in 1984.

Discography of VIA "Poyuschie Serdtsa"

Poyuschie Serdtsa